Meet Island Batik Ambassador Vasudha Govindan!

Please, say hello to Vasudha Govindan of Storied Quilts, who became a member of Island Batik Ambassador family in 2019! We love the unique perspective she brings to quilting and quilt design, and the gorgeous modern projects she created for the program!

Vasudha started quilting about 16 years ago making baby quilts and gifts for family and friends. Trained as an engineer, Vasudha brings aspects of math and science into her quilt designs. Her fabulous quilts have been exhibited at numerous events including The International Quilt Festival and QuiltCon.

Circular quilt, made for 2019 May Island Batik Ambassador challenge, Make It Modern. Vasudha used Island Batik fabric and batting by Hobbs. For more details, please visit:

Vasudha grew up in India in a family immersed in traditional Indian folk art, such as Tanjavur paintings, Kalamkari and rangolis. She brings in many of the influences of her Indian heritage, and the arts and crafts of India into her beautiful modern quilt designs. To make the elegant peacock in the Mayuri quilt, Vasudha was inspired by the motifs of such ancient Indian folk painting styles, as Kalamkari, Madhubani, Warli and Gond.

Mayuri quilt, created for 2019 July Island Batik Ambassador challenge. To make the quilt, Vasudha used Island Batik fabric, Aurifil thread and batting by Hobbs. For more details, please visit:

Most of Vasudha’s recent designs are modern: “I strongly identify with the modern quilt aesthetic. Looking back at my earlier quilts, even though they are traditional patterns, I’ve often used modern quilting elements like large negative spaces, asymmetric layouts and variations in scale.”

Lost Canoes quilt, made for 2019 September Island Batik Ambassador challenge, Child’s Play. Vasudha used Island Batik fabric, a cutter and dies by AccuQuilt and batting by Hobbs. For more details, please visit:

When it comes to choosing color, Vasudha falls back on a few favorite combinations: “I like saturated colors with good contrast. When I want to push myself beyond my usual choices, I use a photograph or any image as inspiration. Mother Nature is often a great source of inspiration as are many commercial packaging items like Kleenex boxes or book covers. No matter what colors I choose, I like to use multiple fabrics that are a similar color. This provides rich texture even within a limited color palette.”

Precarious quilt, made for the 2020 January Island Batik Ambassador challenge, Let’s Get Scrappy. Vasudha used Island Batik fabric and batting by Hobbs. For more details, please visit:

Vasudha’s favorite techniqués include regular piecing with rotary cut pieces and others: “I do use templates, paper-piecing and machine appliqué as needed but not very much. For quilting, I love free-motion quilting. I find FMQ liberating and relaxing, and it has taken my creativity to the next level.”

Winding River quilt, made for 2020 Island Batik Ambassador Log Cabin Blog Hop. Vasudha’s quilt was made with Island Batik Sunset Blooms collection, designed for Chris Hoover of Whirligig Designs by Kathy Engle, Aurifil thread and batting by Hobbs. For more details on the quilt, please visit:

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