Meet Island Batik Ambassador Sally Manke!

We are happy to introduce the talented Sally Manke, whose mission is to delight others with textile art that exemplifies her passion for joyful, creative expression through color and texture. Sally enjoys crafting traditional quilts, coiled rope baskets and all forms of fiber art, but her passion is art quilts.

Sally and her Dandy and Dejavu art quilt, made for 2019 July Island Batik Ambassador challenge. To learn about Sally’s process of creating the quilt, please visit:

Sally particularly enjoys confetti quilts that unite color and texture using precise quilting skills and artistic creativity. Thousands and thousands of bits of batik fabric are “painted” on quilt batting and backing before quilting to stabilize and add fine details. Sally’s beautiful patterns present art quilters with another way to use their fabrics. Teaching and speaking on the national level, she conveys her contagious love of fiber art. She possesses boundless energy and an electric spark of creativity that comes across to quilters at all levels.

Mini Whimsical Bicycle, made for 2019 February Island Batik Ambassador challenge, Magnificent Minis. Sally used Island Batik fabric, AccuQuilt cutter, Aurifil thread and batting by Hobbs. For more details on the quilt, please visit:

Sally has been been sewing on the machine since she was a little girl (she held the foot control pedal in her lap as she couldn’t reach the floor). She made a doll quilt when she was seven years old, but it wasn’t until she turned 21 that she created her first bed-sized quilt. She has been seriously quilting for about 20 to 25 years, and today her hobby has lead to a successful Etsy Shop, national quilt contests, pattern design and teaching.

Arbor Gateway quilt, made for 2019 December Island Batik Ambassador 3D Challenge. Sally used Island Batik fabric, Aurifil thread and batting by Hobbs. For more details on Sally’s quilt, please visit:

Her fabulous patterns have been featured in numerous magazines, including Fiber Art Now, Machine Quilting Unlimited, Art Quilting Studio, Quilt & Textile Patchwork Professional (German), Northern Express Weekly, Traverse Magazine, and books – American Cotton, Farm to Quilt.

Pineapple quilt, made for 2020 Island Batik Ambassador Log Cabin Blog Hop. Sally used Island Batik Kismet fabric, designed by Tamarinis, AccuQuilt cutter, batting by Hobbs, Aurifil thread and a needle by Schmetz Needles. For more details on the quilt, please visit:

In her art quilts, Sally uses a versatile range of techniques and loves about anything that fits under the art quilt category. These include confetti, painting, thread sketching, couching, raw edge appliqué, Inktense art. She often uses photos to create an art quilt, so color selection is often related to those colors with a bit of artistic interpretation thrown in.

Couched Landscape art quilt, created for 2019 June Island Batik Ambassador challenge, Try It. Sally used Island Batik fabric, batting by Hobbs and Aurifil thread. For more details on her quilt, please visit:

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Facebook: Sally Manke, Fiber Artist

Instagram: @sallymanke_fiberartist

Website: Sally Manke

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