End of All Puffed Up Blog Hop and Final Recap

The first 2023 Island Batik Ambassador challenge – the All Puffed Up Blog Hop – has officially come to a close, and we’re feeling all the emotions! Sadness, because we’ve had so much fun following along with our amazing Ambassadors, many of them having tried their hand at making a Puff quilt for the very first time. Joy, because we’ve been blown away by the creativity and talent on display with each and every quilt that was showcased. And perhaps most of all, a sense of inspiration, because we’re hoping that our followers have been inspired to try their hand at creating their own Puff quilt after seeing the incredible work of our Ambassadors.

One thing that was particularly exciting about the All Puffed Up Blog Hop was that many of our Ambassadors had never made a puff quilt before. But they didn’t let that stop them. They dove in headfirst, and the results were stunning. We loved seeing their creativity and ingenuity as they navigated the challenges of making a Puff quilt, and we’re so happy that they all nailed the challenge.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all 25 of the incredible quilts created during the All Puffed Up Blog Hop. We’re sure you’ll be as blown away as we were by the talent and creativity on display. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own puff quilt, too!


Emily Leachman, The Darling Dogwood + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

The Rainbow Quilt by Sarah Pitcher, Pitcher’s Boutique

Cat Head Biscuit quilt by Brenda Alburl, Songbird Designs + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Claudia Porter, Create with Claudia

Reed Johnson, Blue Bear Quilts

Elita Sharpe, Busy Needle Quilting

Trevor by Preeti Harris, Sew Preeti Quilts + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Suzy Webster, Websterquilt + BONUS GIVEAWAY!


Love Letters Puffy quilt by Renee Atkinson, Pink Tulip Quilting + bonus GIVEAWAY!

Quilt by Denise Looney, Quiltery – For the Love of Geese

Quilt by Gail Sheppard, Quilting Gail + bonus GIVEAWAY!

Fruit Salad Puff quilt and cushion by Anorina Morris, Samelia’s Mum

Rainbow Trip Around the Garden by Sandra Starley, Textile Time Travels

Batik Blossoms quilt by Susan Deshensky, Lady Blue Quilt Studio + bonus GIVEAWAY!

Quilt by Randi Jones, Randi’s Roost


Wandering Lotuses by Brittany Fisher, Bobbin with Brittany

Quilt by Lisa Pickering, Lisa’s Quilting Passion

Bench pillows by Mania Hatziioannidi, Mania for Quilts + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Skip quilt by Victoria Johnson, Forever Quilting for You

River Rock by Lana Russel, LanaQuilts

Ombre Quilt and pillow by Pamela Boatright, Pamela Quilts + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Quilt by Jennifer Thomas, Curlicue Creations + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

Quilt by Maryellen McAuliffe, Mary Mack Made Mine + BONUS GIVEAWAY!


Round the World by Leah Malasky, Quilted Delights

Quilt by Connie Kauffman, Kauffman Designs + BONUS GIVEAWAY!

And there you have it! 25 Puff quilts that will make you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. Whether you’re a quilter yourself or just appreciate the artistry of it all, we hope these quilts have inspired you to create something beautiful.

If there is a quilt shop in your area, be sure to let them know how much you love Island Batik seasonal collections and Foundations! If your local stores don’t carry our fabulous batiks yet, contact our team and we will reach out!

Thanks so much for joining us! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more fabulous quilt projects, Island Batik Ambassador blog hops and giveaways!

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