Island Batik Ambassador Spotlight: Brittany Fisher, Bobbin with Brittany

Please meet our new Ambassador Brittany Fisher at Bobbin with Brittany! She lives in Ashland, Ohio with her husband, Rob, and son, Benji. A data analyst by day, Brittany translates her skills into a passion for designs and fabric coordination. Her first quilt publication was released 2023, which is also when her longarm services took off! Brittany loves to teach others tips and tricks because she fully believes sewing is for everyone, and the world needs more beautiful creations that are waiting to be unlocked!

We asked Brittany to tell us a little about her creative journey and here’s what she told us!

Island Batik: When did you first pick up a sewing needle?

Brittany: A neighbor lady babysat me when I was 8 and we sewed a pillow cover. In high school my friend’s mom taught us garment sewing so we could make our Halloween costumes. Then I got interested in quilting from watching Sewing with Nancy on public television. Since then sewing has always been around in my life, like cooking. Just an extension of the tools and skills we use in our lives.

What were your beginner mistakes in quilting?

I started too big. I only knew of bedside quilts and I would’ve learned better and fast with a project like a table runner. 

What inspires your design process?

Happy memories. It’s a great joy to live in those little moments again wether it’s a pink fabric that reminds me of my grandmother’s Sunday dress, or a flower block that takes me back to a funny sticker I got on a paper in grade school. 

What parts of the quilting process do you love and hate the most?

Most favorite – free motion quilting. It’s just pure serenity for me. Least favorite – basting. Right now I’m back on the spray, but there has to be some invention just around the corner that makes this step more manageable.

What block or pattern could you make over and over again and not get tired of it?

AccuQuilt BOB (Block on Board) dies opened up a whole new world for me with curved piecing, specifically Cleopatra’s Fan. That block is a beauty, all on its own.

Puzzle Quilt, March 2023. Made with Island Batik Glorious Greens fabric. Read more about the quilt here.

What is your sewing peeve?

When I see rotary cutters sitting with the blade out. I know too many horror stories to be tempted to do that.

What is your favorite sewing gadget that you can’t live without?

Curved tip scissors. They’re for embroidery, but mine are always around ready to snip apart chain piecing, or it’s an ergonomic stiletto. The shape keeps me from losing them in the piles of flat things. 

Is there a sewing technique that you avoided at first, but then fell in love with?

Machine binding! I’m trying to break the stigma that hand sewing is the only proper technique. A stem stitch on my machine looks beautiful with coordinating thread, and it’s more durable too. 

Crazy Quilt challenge project, April 2023. Made with Island Batik Breathtaking Brown Basics fabric. Read more about the quilt here.

What usually plays in the background while you are sewing?

just silence for me. I love sewing sounds. The cutting, the snipping, the ticking of the machine. Being able to hear your machines lets you know something is out of balance before it’s a bigger mess. Plus, I don’t think I can put blocks together in the right orientation and follow a show. 

Do you have a pet that “helps” you sew?

I have an orange and white cat named Mingo that thoroughly inspects fresh quilts for quality control!

Wandering Lotuses quilt, Puff Quilt Blog Hop, February 2023. Made with the Island Batik Prairie Dreams collection fabric. Read more about the quilt here.

Do you have a fun name you call your seam ripper?

If I did it would probably be named after Bonnie Hunter since I use it so much during her mystery quilts!

How do you store your ufo’s?

Scrapbook bins are my go to! I have photos of ufo’s cataloged in my Goodnotes App so I can keep them top of mind but out of the way. 

If you could choose an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Antarctica! It looks like such an inspirational place. 

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